Medication Drive for Haiti Trip Jan 2-13, 2012

In the gift giving spirit of the holidays, what better way to share all your blessings than to donate some medications or supplies for those who have none?  A simple bulk bottle of generic OTC acetaminophen or ibuprofen will go a long way in providing pain relief for patients that rely on traditional medicines because they don’t have access to medications.  Children’s OTC medications & vitamins are also greatly needed as well as common medical supplies like disposable gloves, blood pressure cuffs and thermometers.  I have organized a trip to Haiti for 2 weeks in Jan (2 – 13, 2012) with 2 pharmacists, 6 pharmacy students and a nursing team of 10.  We will be relying heavily on donations to provide patient care and so anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.  Please fill out the flyer: to submit with any donations you might have and contact me at to arrange for pickup or for more information.
Thanks for your support & Happy Holidays !
Here’s the direct link:

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