To All the Attendees/Sponsors of the NYCSHP Installation Dinner

From the Board of Directors, we would like to acknowledge every ones extraordinary contribution to this very important meeting for our organization.

It should be noted that this special event is not only to honor the past board, but to also congratulate the new:

President: Elizabeth Palillo
President Elect: Mary Choy
Immediate Past President: Kwaku Marfo
Secretary: Michele B. Kaufman
Treasurer: Yi Guo
DAL (Constitution and Bylaws, Public Relations, Special Projects): Wilson Tam
DAL (Student Relations, Legislative Affairs, Supportive Personnel): Kanika Ballani
DAL (Installation Dinner, Membership, Industry Relations: Amisha Arya
Delegates: Leila Tibi, Monica Mehta, Kwaku Marfo, Amisha Arya, Michele Kaufman, Yi Guo, Elizabeth Palillo, Mary Choy, and Jason Babby

As we move forward, we encourage attendees to not only participate in our events, but to follow in the example of these special individuals and join us in the promotion of our profession.

Best wishes to everyone and we hope to see you again at our future events.

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