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New York State Council Health-System Pharmacists

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Have we met? We’d love to get to know you! Sign-up as a new member at 50% off the
membership rate! Did you know that we…

Help you achieve your vision of pharmacy practice, advance patient care and practice in
New York State

Provide a multitude of educational and certificate programs for you, the midyear clinical
meeting, the annual assembly, the winter pharmacotherapy program, the ski and CE
program, and monthly local chapter CE meetings all with ACPE credits

Provide a full subscription mailed to your home to the Journal of Pharmacy Practice with
on-line access and CE credits

Provide access to on line CE through,

Provide you with vital information about regulation changes, advocate for progressive
legislation for pharmacy such as CDTM, Immunizations, Pharmacy Technician certification
and training, and increasing the requirement for Intern hours

Facilitate the exchange of information among members, healthcare professionals and
the public. List serves for hospital pharmacists, directors of pharmacy and residency
preceptors, and more

Opportunities to network and meet other pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and
healthcare professionals locally, state-wide and nationally as well as have some fun

Join the NYSCHP today at over 50% off the annual membership rate for
full active pharmacist membership. This special $100, 1 year membership
is available until December 31, 2012. Other types of memberships are also

Any NYSCHP full member can serve as a “Recruiter” and will receive a $25 voucher towards
meeting registration or membership fees for each new member recruited (up to 4 vouchers can be

use towards a membership renewal and unlimited use of vouchers towards meeting registration fees.)

Instructions to sign-up as a member with this 50% off promotion:

Recruiter: Contact NYSCHP office with name and email address of new recruited member. Email preferred.
Council Office: Emails new member $100 invoice and how to log-in online and pay instructions
Council Office: Sends Recruiter voucher after eligibility is validated and when new member signs up
New member: Completes new member profile and payment on line at

Name of NYSCHP Member/Recruiter: __________________________________________________

Recruiter Email: _______________________________ Telephone #: _________________________

Name of New Member:_______________________________________________________________

New Member Email:_______________________________ Telephone #:_______________________

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