October 24, 2013 CE Meeting Recap

Yet another exuberant evening with the members of NYSCHP!

This time the event was hosted at Heartland Brewery in the famous Theatre District. This event was brought to you by a $10,000 grant sponsored by Novo Nordisk.



Please give thanks to  Drs. Mary Choy and Eva Berrios-Colon for working hard on getting us this grant! With that said, the night was packed with two great presentations.

The first was given by 6th year student Hanlin Li from St. John’s University. Hanlin gave us an informative  clinical pearl on Supplements, Metformin, and Diabetes. The second presentation was a CE conducted by Dr. Nataliya Shinkazh, an assistant professor at Touro College of Pharmacy. She is also a clinical manager that practices ambulatory care pharmacy at North Central Bronx Hospital. On Thursday night, Dr. Shinkazh educated our members in diabetes, outpatient insulin titration,  and counseling. The night was filled with great food and two great speakers. Don’t miss out on the next event! Thank you for the hard workers that made this event possible and we look forward to seeing more faces at the next event!

IMG_0896 IMG_0903


Dr. Shinkazh may be contacted through email at: Nataliya.Shinkazh@touro.edu

Credits to Jason Wong.

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