August 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

2014-0807 (4)

Blue skies and bright white clouds welcomed us all as we arrived at Tisch’s 6th floor Smilow Conference Room.

Dr. Arya greeted everyone as they entered into the room and invited them to dine from the sweet Italian cuisine. Dr. Cobb had presented President, Dr. Arya, with an official gavel to begin the meeting, leading into Dr. Arya’s president report. She had welcomed individual in the room to introduce themselves by their name, where they work, and the most fun event they have had or will do this summer.

2014-0807 (10)

2014-0807 (5)

The meeting proceeded with reports from President-elect, Dr. Guo, Immediate Past-President, Dr. Choy, Secretory report from Dr. DiMicco, Treasurer, Dr. Tran, Bulletin Editor, Dr. Shoberu, and Community Outreach, by Dr. Ballani. Dr. Arya then introduced NYSCHP’s liaisons, Dr. Jordan, Dr. Manning, and Dr. Shlom as well as their upcoming events. The Director at Larges, Dr. Byrd, Dr. Berger, and Dr. Babby introduced their committees and plans for this year. Members were encouraged to join the many new committees for this upcoming year to further develop relationships and outreach into the community. After the meeting adjourned, members spoke with executive board members and committee members about the upcoming events for the upcoming year.

2014-0807 (18)

2014-0807 (33)

2014-0807 (34)

2014-0807 (36)

2014-0807 (37)As the night concluded, we then ventured to Hill and Bay for happy hour for a networking event.

2014-0807 (40)

Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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