August 28st, 2014 Vancomycin CE at IchiUmi Manhattan, New York

The August summer CE series continued at Ichi Umi in midtown Manhattan, where pharmacists and student pharmacists from all over the greater New York City region joined together to network, dine & learn. Ichi Umi was abundant of NYCSHP members.

The evening’s exhibit was sponsored by Bayer Healthcare who discussed more about a new agent treating pulmonary hypertension. The night progressed to dinner at Ichi Umi’s buffet style cuisine.

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (16)

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (25)

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (28)

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (33)

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (34)

President, Dr. Amisha Arya thanked the sponsors for their participation and went on to introduce the evening’s speaker.

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (41)

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (46)

Dr. Julie Williamson, from Montefiore Medical Center, presented “What to do when the Vancomycin MIC is 2: Is There a One-Size Fits all in MRSA Bacteremia?” Her presentation compared the current literature regarding pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and monitoring pathogen coverage of Vancomycin in MRSA. Dr. Williamson also gave us insight into alternative agents that better provide the microbial coverage in patients with MRSA and have a lower adverse effect profile. Dr. Williamson strongly emphasized the importance of the initiation of treatment and the importance of monitoring the patient’s clinical state to change therapy if the patient does not show clinical improvement within 48 hours.

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (61)

2014-0828-NYCSHP CE (65)

If you would like to learn more about CE opportunities, please visit and become a member of New York City Health-System Pharmacists chapter!

Written by Jamie Chin

Edited by Elsie Wong

Photos by Jamie Chin

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