September Networking Meeting

September Networking Meeting at Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, Manhattan, NY

September’s networking event took place in New York City’s financial district on a warm and beautiful evening. The networking event took place in the beautiful Vault Room. The evening’s speaker was Dr. Robert Adamson who discussed the importance of pharmacists’ presence in consultation in medication therapy management.

2014-0911 (4)

Dr. Adamson discussed how pharmacists can truly make a difference in hospital readmission, through Medication Therapy Management, and by utilizing quality measures per hospital institution. Dr. Adamson was enthusiastic about inter-professional collaboration to optimize patient care, creating better follow-up programs upon patient discharge, and how the future of healthcare will transition to caring for patients in the outpatient setting and at home to prevent the need for hospital admission.

2014-0911 (5)

Dr. Adamson opened the floor to a question and answer session and spoke with attendees individually. The evening’s inspiring evening concluded with a three course dinner and networking amongst colleagues.

2014-0911 (19)

2014-0911 (24)

2014-0911 (26)

2014-0911 (30)

Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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