September Industry Relations Meeting

This fall’s Industry Relations Meeting was held on the upper west side of Manhattan at New York Presbyterian’s Riverview Terrace. The event was coordinated by Dr. Jason Babby who coordinated a full evening of events.

2014-0925 (3)

2014-0925 (1)

Attendees were greeted and welcomed to speak with each of the industry representatives, during a tabling exhibit, to learn more about disease states of interests and the available pharmacotherapy.

2014-0925 (17)

2014-0925 (10)

2014-0925 (18)

The evening proceeded with more networking among the registrants and a delicious buffet style dinner.

2014-0925 (22)

2014-0925 (24)

2014-0925 (25)

2014-0925 (27)

2014-0925 (34)

President Amisha Arya thanked everyone for coming and announced upcoming events. She also began to introduce tonight’s speaker and topic, which participants will join in the auditorium, concluding the evening’s dinner.

2014-0925 (40)

Next, Dr. Leigh Briscoe-Dwyer, Chief Pharmacy and Medication Safety Officer from North Shore – LIJ Health System, gave a CE on medication safety initiatives from North Shore-LIJ Health Systems and take home messages for us to bring back to our institutions. As the medication safety officer, Dr. Briscoe-Dwyer solves near misses and errors as well as collects cases to present at pharmacy and therapeutics committees, where she is joined with administrators in pharmacy, nursing, and physicians.

2014-0925 (41)

She emphasizes the importance of using technology to help solve medication errors and the need to identify and report all errors to the health system to prevent future errors to occur in concurrent hospitals within the same system.

2014-0925 (45)

Some medication errors that were discussed during the CE included inter-conversion of insulin products and opiate products, labeling IV bags admixtures/batching to differentiate normal saline IV bags, and monitoring the proper use of smart pumps. A useful tool mentioned was a pharmacy and physician blog, discussing questions and issues to ultimately lead to solutions for better practice.

2014-0925 (51)

The evening concluded with a question and answer session and an announcement about fundraising events hosted by Touro College of Pharmacy’s NYSCHP chapter from student pharmacists Hoang (Terry) Nguyen and Christopher Mendoza.

Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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