October Networking Meeting at The Capital Grille, Manhattan, NY

October’s networking event took place near Rockefeller Center, in midtown Manhattan. Dr. Amisha Arya, President, opened by thanking the table sponsors, Eli Lily and introducing the evening’s speaker, Dr. Kevin Borst, DO, who presented “Managing Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Hospital Setting”. Dr. Borst traveled down from the Cleveland Clinic where he specializes in endocrinology. He shared experiences working with his patients during his fellowship and current practice site. Dr. Borst emphasized the importance in patient education and inter-professional collaboration to help manage diabetes mellitus in the inpatient setting.



The lecture began by introducing the prevalence of diabetes, the growing trend, and noted that the majority of the patients are Type Two diabetics. The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of commercially available insulin was discussed, which led to which formulations may better serve certain populations to increase adherence and provide consistent blood glucose readings. There was an emphasis on practitioners to properly educate patients and follow-up to achieve blood glucose goals.



For practitioners, dosing insulin requires understanding the patient’s caloric intake while being treated in the hospital and transitioning to outpatient dosing which is based on their normal daily diet and daily physical activity. Another factor is the patient’s physical stress, which mainly affects insulin dosing in the inpatient setting. An adverse effect of insulin is edema due to sodium retention. Patients have also been reported to have allergic reactions to certain excipients.




Lastly, the program concluded with discussing insulin pumps and the importance of managing the basal and bolus dosing. Insulin has a 7-day expiration at body temperature; the insulin pump normally contains 3 days of insulin. Dr. Borst’s wonderful lecture concluded with a question and answer session.




Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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