November 2014 Board of Director’s Meeting

November’s BOD meeting started out with a delicious Indian-themed dinner. President Amisha Arya, Pharm.D., opened the meeting by having us all introducing ourselves and where we work.



The meeting began with Dr. Arya’s President’s Report, summarizing October’s events and introducing this month’s upcoming CEs and networking events. She continued with Dr. Yi Guo’s Presdent-elect’s report discussing January’s double CE night at Montefiore Medical Center. Past President, Dr. Mary Choy, discussed the start of three exciting topics: Awards, Elections, and Resolutions. She has sent an email asking members to nominate pharmacists for NYSCHP awards, for members to begin thinking about the upcoming elected positions, and discussed developing resolutions to the New York State council. Dr. Michele Kaufman emphasized the sign-in sheets in her secretary report.



Director at Large, Dr. Karen Berger, proceeded with her discussion: Student Relations, Legislative Affairs, and Supportive Personnel report. Last month’s Hepatitis C CE, featuring Dr. Kanika Ballani, kick-started the student Clinical Pearl presentations with Terry Nguyen’s presentation on Diabetes Management in Obesity. It will continue this month with Christopher Mendoza’s discussion on COPD on 11/13/14. There will be a student workshop on 11/18/14, at NYU’s Hospital for Joint Diseases, which will give students advice on resume and curriculum vitae development as well as interviewing skills. The Legislative Affairs committee had a brainstorming session directly after the evening’s BOD meeting to discuss pharmacy advocacy and the NYCSHP newsletter. Updates from the Supportive Personnel committee included being in touch with Sanford Brown and identifying speaking opportunities for pharmacy technician students as well as site visits in 2015.


Director at Large, Dr. Jason Babby, announced that the following Installation dinner has been finalized to be on Thursday, June 25th, 2015, at the New Yorker Hotel. The exhibits have been booked. Dr. Babby is working with student pharmacists for the 1st phase of the membership drive. Next year’s Industry Relation’s event has been booked for Thursday, September 17th, 2015.

Social Media Coordinator, Dr. Elsie Wong, and Historian, Dr. Jamie Chin, discussed updates on articles and corresponding photos posted on our website. Members are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Wong and Dr. Chin with articles, photos, or ideas about NYCSHP’s website and events. Dr. Elsie promoted following NYCSHP updates on Twitter and liking our Facebook page.


Director at Large, Dr. Charai Byrd, discussed: Constitution and Bylaws, Public Relations, and Special Projects. We proceeded by reading through the current changes to the Constitution and Bylaws as well as discussed the steps for voting and approval, which will take place in December’s BOD meeting. Discussions on the Public Relations Committee summarized our appearance on the Today Show and how we promoted the approval of HR 4190. Discussions on Adopt a Highway proceeded to determine a good time in the upcoming weeks for the highway clean up event. Special Projects included discussions on volunteering at Ugly Kitchen, located in the East Village. This typically will take place on a Saturday or Sunday from 8-11am in March.


Dr. Kanika Ballani proceeded with the Community Outreach Report introducing the newly approved Medication Brown Bag Session at St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in the Bronx. The Church expressed desire about having a presentation on medication counseling, asthma medication and adherence. Dr. Elizabeth Cobb volunteered a presentation slide deck to give an overview on pulmonary disease, the different inhalers, and important patient counseling advice.


Dr. Loriel Solodokin and Dr. Jonathan Sin gave the Residents Collaborative report introducing a network for both PGY-1 and PGY-2 residents to collaborate with each other among the Greater New York area. The first event will be a “Meet and Greet” opportunity in late November. The second event will be a Resident Holiday party in mid-December.


The NYSCHP Liaison report was led by Dr. Fran Jordan and Dr. Joe Pinto, including Dr. Phil Manning, and Dr. Liz Shlom, who discussed updates from the New York State Council of Health-System Pharmacists. There will be NYSCHP Certificate Programs on November 21st – 22nd at St John’s University including topics: Pain Management, Emergency Room Codes, and Oncology. NYSCHP’s Jan Keltz Memorial CE Program will take place at Lake Placid, Crown Plaza. It will include 7 hours of CE credit and will be a fun trip up to Lake Placid. There is discussion on having a bus to transport attending members. The annual assembly will most likely take place in May and there is discussion on having a residency showcase.

President, Dr. Amisha Arya, recapped the evening’s discussions and events. Due to future inclement weather, monthly BOD meetings may be substituted with a conference call, to ensure that members are home safely. She had encouraged members to still RSVP to the BOD meetings so she can accurately account for all of the members who are willing to participate in the conference call.

Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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