NYCSHP Student Interview Workshop at NYU – Hospital for Joint Diseases, Manhattan, NY

This year’s NYCSHP Student Interview Workshop was a great way for student pharmacists to network with current faculty as well as learn more about the art of interviewing. The workshop was coordinated by Director at Large, Dr. Karen Berger. The evening opened with dinner and networking among attendees.




The evening’s faculty members featured:

  • NYCSHP President, Amisha Arya (Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Regulatory Compliance, NYU Langone Medical Center),
  • NYCSHP Community Outreach Committee Coordinator, Kanika Ballani (Clinical Trials Manager, NYU Langone Medical Center),
  • NYCSHP Director at Large, Karen Berger (Neurocritical Care Clinical Pharmacist, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center),
  • NYCSHP Past President, Elizabeth Cobb (Clinical Pharmacy Manager/Residency Program Director, Mount Sinai Beth Israel),
  • NYCSHP President-elect, Yi Guo (Clinical Pharmacy Manager of Infectious Disease, Montefiore Medical Center), and
  • Troy Kish (Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Long Island University).




The workshop began with the presentation “Professional Etiquette and Interview Skills” by Dr. Troy Kish. Dr. Kish discussed how to exhibit professionalism during the midyear setting. He reminded students that once they arrive to midyear, they must be conscious of their surroundings since many attendees are involved in the residency showcase and interviewing sessions. Dr. Kish discussed the mindset going into interviews, the importance of follow-up thank you cards or emails, developing a firm handshake, and eye contact during interviews.



Next, Dr. Elizabeth Cobb presented “Developing a Curriculum Vitae,” which highlighted the differences between a resume and curriculum vitae (CV). A CV is a comprehensive professional record that provides detail to experiences. Dr. Cobb emphasized the importance of having a consistent theme throughout the CV. Students should pay attention to detail because anything that is documented will be fair for the interviewers to bring up in discussion. The CV can contain sections such as: Unique APPE experiences, research and additional projects or publications, presentations, leadership and professional associations, honors and awards, and community service. It is very important to have at least one other person review the curriculum vitae before submitting it for a position.


The evening proceeded by having interview breakout sessions. Each faculty member led a group by conducting a mock interview. The faculty member began by asking each participant an interview question and allowing them time to answer it fully. The interviewee then received positive feedback along with suggestions to improve their responses. The small groups then went on to a question and answer session. The workshop concluded by a large question and answer session for the panel of faculty members.






Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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