Adopt-A-Highway Autumn 2014

NYCSHP pharmacists and student pharmacists gathered on a beautiful autumn Sunday, just before Thanksgiving, for this season’s Adopt A Highway event. Director at Large, Dr. Charrai Byrd, coordinated 10 NYCSHP members to help with today’s mission.

2014-1123 (7)

2014-1123 (5)

The stretch of highway dedicated to the New York City Society of Health System Pharmacists was located on the Henry Hudson Parkway Southbound in Riverdale. Members helped clear the area of loose trash, recyclables, and leaves along the sidewalk to make it a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and joggers.

2014-1123 (8)2014-1123 (4)

2014-1123 (2) 2014-1123 (1)

By the end of the event, we gathered 8 full trash bags. This event was a great way for networking and team building. We were also able to give back to the community in time for the festive holiday season. After the morning of cleaning, participants gathered for brunch at a local diner.

2014-1123 (6)

Article by Christopher Mendoza and Jamie Chin

Photos by Christopher Mendoza and Zane Last

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