December 2014 Board of Director’s Meeting

December’s Board of Director’s meeting, and the final one of  2014, was held at NYU Langone Medical Center. President, Dr. Amisha Arya opened the meeting by having members introduce themselves and where they work or study.


President Arya proceeded with the meeting by presenting her President’s Report. She summarized November’s CE and networking events then gave an update about NYSCHP’s Jan Keltz Winter Program that is taking place on January 17-19 at Crowne Plaza Lake Placid. Dr. Joe Pinto is arranging transportation to the Winter Program, but needs members to register and confirm their attendance for transportation together as a chapter. President Arya reminded attendee that NYSCHP members must choose New York City in their NYSCHP profile to receive NYCSHP’s emails.

President-elect, Dr. Yi Guo presented her president-elect report and discussed the upcoming double CE event on January 15th, 2015 at Montefiore Medical Center. The topics of the evening full of CEs are in cardiology and diabetes. In addition, February 25th, 2015’s CE will be about pediatric pharmacokinetics. March’s CE is scheduled for March 19th, 2015 with the topic to be announced.


Immediate Past President, Dr. Mary Choy, discussed the annual NYSCHP Awards, available NYCSHP positions, and the resolutions process. Dr. Ted Friedman followed-up on Dr. Choy’s report by elaborating on the definition of a “resolution.” He discussed how members can become involved in developing chapter resolutions which are submitted to the New York State Council.

Secretary, Dr. Michele Kaufman emphasized the sign-in sheets in her secretary report. Treasurer, Dr. Tran Tran, proposed that everyone send her digital copies of their receipt to have a more organized record of purchases in her treasurer’s report.

President Arya gave Director at Large, Dr. Charrai Byrd’s report, which consisted of the Constitutions & Bylaws, Public Relations, and Special Projects. There will be an additional presentation and a voting in the following Board of Director’s meeting to the proposed changes that were made to the Constitutions and Bylaws. Public Relations had a successful event with the annual “Adopt A Highway” outreach. Special Projects is planning a brunch event on March 3rd, 2015 located in the Ugly Kitchen.


Director at Large, Dr. Karen Berger gave her report on Student Relations, Legislative Affairs, and Supportive Personnel. Student Relations started off with a big success with a Student Workshop consisting of 28 students. The Student Clinical Pearl presentation continued with Christopher Mendoza’s presentation on COPD Management in Geriatrics. A slot is still available in March for any student or resident who is interested in giving a Clinical Pearl. Legislative Affairs is looking for volunteers to write articles pertaining to the health field. Supportive Personnel is planning to extend support to pharmacy technicians and will elaborate more on this topic in 2015.

Director at Larger, Dr. Jason Babby has confirmed the Installation Dinner for 2015 on June 25th at The New Yorker Hotel. Dr. Babby is looking to increase membership through two phases: the first phase targeting schools and the second phase opens up to pharmacy technicians. Industry Relations also has a confirmed date on September 17th, 2015 at Riverview Terrace.

The Bulletin Editor Report was given by President. Arya. The Autumn/Winter issue is still undergoing some revision. In order to increase content, Clinical Pearl presentations are gearing towards a combination of presentation and an article.

Community Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Kanika Ballani proceeded with the Community Outreach report summarizing the Brown Bag event at St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in the Bronx. The church was very receptive of NYCSHP and is interested in having a future session focused on their Spanish population.


For the Residents Collaborative report, Dr. Loriel Solodokin and Dr. Jonathan Sin announced their first networking event is on December 17th in NYU with details provided in their outgoing emails to residents.

In the State Liaisons Report, Dr. Fran Jordan added that the discounts for the Winter Programs has taken place for students as an initiative to promote student attendance.

In closing, President. Arya mentioned that there will be no meeting on Thursday, January 1st and wished everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

Article Written by Hoang (Terry) Nguyen and Jamie Chin

Photos by Christopher Mendoza

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