April 2015 Board of Director’s Meeting

April’s Board of Director’s meeting welcomed back active members and some new faces. President, Dr. Amisha Arya, opened the meeting by having each attendee introduce themselves. She announced this month’s events including: Quad Chapter Meeting by the Westchester County Chapter in New Rochelle, NYSCHP’s Annual Assembly in Bolton Landing, the Cardiology Practice base program in Bolton Landing, and Legislative Day in Albany.


President-elect, Dr. Yi Guo, summarized the February and March events. Career day was a success with over 70 students and parent attendees. There will be a networking event on 5/12 and a CE event on 5/28. President-elect, Dr. Guo, recognized Eva, Terry Nguyen, and Victor Chen, for submitting a grant application, which was accepted and awards NYCSHP $10,000.

Immediate Past President, Dr. Mary Choy, spoke about awards, elections, and resolutions process. Elections for the upcoming term are available through NYCSHP’s email invitation. There were many great resolutions developed by our members and the resolutions committee. There was a delegates meeting held after the BOD meeting.


Secretary, Dr. Michele Kaufman, emphasized signing the sign-in sheets in her secretary report. Treasurer, Dr. Tran Tran, gave her treasurer’s report.

Director at Large, Dr. Charrai Byrd, announced that the AIDS Walk will take place at 8:30am on May 17th in Central Park. Dr. Byrd and Dr. Alla Khaytin are co-captains for the NYCSHP team and have a goal to raise $3,000. The Special Projects CE brunch at Ugly Kitchen was a success. The speakers were Drs. Martha Rumore, Kanika Ballani, and Mark Klang.


Director at Large, Dr. Karen Berger, gave her report on Student Relations, Legislative Affairs, and Supportive Personnel. She discussed how the state association will keep their student workshop in August, while the city chapter will continue their student workshop in November soon before midyear. There was a suggestion to begin a survey to ask students about the workshop after the match. Dr. Berger promoted clinical pearl presentations and encouraged students as well as preceptors of students to gain clinical pearl presenters. Legislative day is on 4/21/15 and there was discussion about meeting with senators and congressmen. There was discussion about facilitating more communication between the NYC city chapter with the state association.


Director at Larger, Dr. Jason Babby has confirmed the Installation Dinner to be on June 25th at The New Yorker Hotel. Dr. Babby is reaching out to individuals who have not renewed their 2014-2015 membership. Industry Relations also has a confirmed date on September 17th, 2015 at Riverview Terrace.


The Bulletin Editor Report was given by Dr. Alexandra Libman. She reminded everyone to submit articles and photos to the bulletin committee by 4/13/15. Dr. Libman and Dr. Hossain will be publishing the Spring bulletin within the next couple of months.

In closing, President Arya and President-elect Guo promoted the Annual Assembly and upcoming events by the state association for this upcoming month.

Article Written Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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