NYCSHP’s Appreciation Dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse TriBeca

2015-0611 (2)

NYCSHP’s Appreciation Dinner took place at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse TriBeca. President, Dr. Amisha Arya, welcomed all of the members and thanked them for a great year together. She was very excited to celebrate all of the years accomplishments together and looks forward to another great year.
2015-0611 (4)President Arya introduced the evening’s presenter, Vitalina Rozenfeld, Pharm.D., BCPS, FASCP.  Dr. Rozenfeld is a Medical Science Liaison with AstraZeneca. She presented “Understanding Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Prior Myocardial Infarction. Importance of Long-term Risk”

2015-0611 (8)

Dr. Rozenfeld began by introducing cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death. Specifically, acute coronary syndrome severely impacts health care costs and patient’s quality of life. The United States’ 10 year risk of complications is greater than 20 percent. One in five patients with acute coronary syndrome die within 5 years due to damage to the myocardium.

2015-0611 (9) Atherosclerosis and chronic progressive disease is due to continuous inflammation and build-up of plaque, thus reducing lumen volume. A thrombus is susceptible to developing and lodging leading to complications including a STEMI or an NSTEMI. Recurrent MACE events, occurs from culprit lesions and underlying lesions. Having a myocardial infarction increases risk of having future myocardial infarctions.

2015-0611 (26)

The pharmacist can have a vital role in medication management and thorough follow-up meetings with the patient. Pharmacists can help tailor medication regimens especially for patients with chronic kidney disease. Kidney insufficiency is common amongst patients with acute coronary syndrome. Dr. Rozenfeld concluded the evening’s discussion with a question and answer session. Members continued the evening with further networking.

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Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Jamie Chin

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  1. I used to be member 3 years ago and decided not to renew until this April. Since I joined back I do not received any e-mail about CE but then in the home page I see all the pictures after the events. How am I suppose to join any of the CE if I don’t get any e-mail about the events.

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