First Annual NYC/Royals Football Scrimmage

Please join us for the first annual NYC/Royals football scrimmage!

We will plan to meet in central park at 1 pm to set up, socialize, and scope out our opponent. The football game will begin at exactly 2:30pm.

Anyone is willing to come and cheer us on, but if you are interested in playing or serving as a volunteer referee, please email Karen Berger ( to confirm.

All chapter members and friends are welcome to play. We will be playing 2 hand touch and following Zog Sports rules (8 on 8 with at least 3 women on the field at all times).
  • 8-on-8 (co-ed with no more than 5 men on the field at one time)
  • Two 23-minute halves
  • No contact – Light 2-hand touch
  • We will be playing by Zog Sports rules (see for more info and official rules)


Sunday July 12, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM 

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