NYCSHP’s 50th Annual Installation Dinner at The New Yorker Hotel

NYCSHP’s 50th Annual Installation Dinner was held on a beautiful summer evening at The New Yorker Hotel in Midtown West.DSC05810DSC05805The evening opened with a grand exhibit of Industry partners throughout the balcony level. Members were welcomed to visit the tabling event and mingle with one another. Attendees were then welcomed into the Grand Ballroom to be seated and to begin the evening’s dinner and program.

IMG_4041Dr. Alla Khaytin and Dr. Jason Babby welcomed all attendees to NYCSHP’s 50th Annual Installation Dinner and extended their gratitude to the Dinner’s organizers.


The event was coordinated by NYCSHP Installation Chair, Dr. Alla Khaytin and NYCSHP Director at Large, Dr. Jason Babby. Contributing Installation Dinner Organizers include Dr. Marie Gora-DiMicco, Dr. Gifty Edusei, Dr. Diana Esaian, Dr. Zane Last, Christopher Mendoza, and Gina Nguyen.




Outgoing President, Dr. Amisha Arya, gave her Outgoing Presidential Address. She spoke about her journey and accomplishments during her leadership with NYCSHP. She thanked those who have supported her to become more involved in professional associations and helped her become a stronger advocate for the profession. She discussed how grateful she is to have such a great team and the success in this year’s new initiatives. Dr. Kanika Ballini spearheaded the Community Outreach Committee with her collaborations with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Drs. Jonathan Sin and Loriel Solodokin help to re-initiate the Residents Collaboration this year to bring together PGY-1s and PGY-2s in the community.  Dr. Arya acknowledged her family, fiancé, friends, and NYU family. She then announced how excited she is to pass the gavel to incoming President, Dr. Yi Guo.


Immediate Past President, Dr. Mary Choy, proceeded with the program by presenting this year’s Awards:


The Outstanding Student Award is presented to a student pharmacist who has expressed dedication to health-system pharmacy. This year, the student awards were presented to Christine Nguyen and Marisol Ibarra, from Touro College of Pharmacy.


The Outstanding Member Volunteer Award is presented to an exceptional member who is very active and involved in the society’s activities. This year’s Outstanding Volunteer Award was presented to Christopher Mendoza of Touro College of Pharmacy.IMG_4117


The Harold Neham Memorial Award was established in 1982 to honor a member of the society who has made a significant contribution to the literature in the profession and to NYSCHP. The award was named after Harold Neham, who was the first president of New York City Society of Health-System Pharmacists. This year’s Harold Heham Award was presented to NYSCHP’s VP in Public Policy, Dr. Monica Mehta.



Dr. Mark Sinnett welcomed Dr. Jason Babby and Dr. Zane Last. Dr. Sinnett briefly announced their upcoming positions, the importance to collaborate with the fellow Board of Directors, and to uphold their responsibility to forward the profession. Dr. Sinnett installed Dr. Jason Babby as President-elect and Dr. Zane Last as Director-At-Large.



Dr. Sinnett welcomed and introduced our Incoming President by speaking on her behalf. Dr. Sinnett acknowledged Dr. Yi Guo as a friend and colleague. He spoke about her passion to happily take on any challenge, her sincere demeanor, and her enthusiasm for leadership. It is with great pleasure that Dr. Sinnett installed Dr. Yi Guo as the chapter’s Incoming President.


President, Dr. Yi Guo extended her gratitude to the New York City Society of Health-System Pharmacists. She thanked Drs. Jason Babby and Alla Khaytin for organizing this evening’s event. She thanked Outgoing President, Amisha Arya and Immediate Past President, Mary Choy for their guidance and support. Dr. Guo reflected on how she became involved with NYCSHP. For that, she thanked Past President, Kwaku Marfo, for her first encounters with NYCSHP including her first Annual Assembly Conference in Saratoga. At the Annual Assembly, she was excited and overwhelmed to see so many passionate pharmacists gather to debate about resolutions, CDTM, and bylaws. She saw the importance of advocacy, networking, and self-improvement to all forward the profession. She was then posed with a thought provoking question, “When would you run for president of NYCSHP, Yi?”. This helped plant a seed which led her to serve as treasurer, delegate, and ultimately to this day. IMG_4146



Outgoing President, Dr. Amisha Arya had presented mortar and pestal awards to the board of directors. President, Dr. Yi Guo, Immediate Past President, Dr. Mary Choy, Treasurer, Dr. Tran Ran. Secretary Dr. Michele Kaufman. Director at Larges, Drs. Karen Berger, Charrai Byrd, and Jason Babby.


The evening continued with divine food, great music, and wonderful company.








IMG_4213 IMG_4208





The evening’s very memorable events concluded with music and dancing from Dr. Rooshi Akruwala, also known as Rockwala, Oncology Pharmacist at Mount Sinai Hospital. Rockwala kept the dance floor occupied with his great music selection.







Written by Jamie Chin

Photos by Elsie Wong and Jamie Chin

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