August Networking Event at Redeye grill

August’s first Networking event took place at Redeye Grill on a beautiful Tuesday evening. The guest speaker was David G. Frame, PharmD, a Clinical Hematology/Oncology/BMT Specialist from University of Michigan. The topic of his discussion was Managing a treatment plan for your patients with Velcade (bortezomib).

Networking August 11,(table)

Dr. Frame explained the etiology, pathophysiology, and rate of progression of multiple myeloma. The median age of diagnosis was in the 70’s, but more recent cases have shown diagnosis as early as 20-40 years old. Dr. Frame highlighted how bone marrow transplant therapy and chemotherapy were first line, but modern medicine have provided more options. He then continued to discuss the latest treatment and studies for Multiple Myeloma, highlighting the VISTA trial. Dr. Frame’s wonderful presentation concluded with a question and answer session.

Networking August 11, (NYCSHP Presidents of Past, Present and Future)

Networking August 11, Redeye Grill



Photos by Yi Guo

Article by Jamie Chin

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