Networking event at Victor’s Cafe

August’s second networking event took place at Victor’s Cafe on a beautiful Thursday summer evening. President, Dr. Yi Guo, welcomed everyone to the evening’s program and gave an update on the upcoming NYCSHP events.

Photo Aug 13, 7 30 22 PM

President Guo then welcomed the event’s speaker, Carl Urban, PhD (Director of Microbiology, New York Hospital of Queens). Dr. Urban’s presentation was titled Gram Negative Infections.

Photo Aug 13, 7 54 27 PM

Photo Aug 13, 6 45 18 PM

Rather than conducting a formal presentation, Dr. Urban decided to have a more casual presentation. Pharmacists and students shared their thoughts about gram-negative infection and antibiotics currently used in their hospital.

Photo Aug 13, 8 08 42 PMPhoto Aug 13, 7 53 13 PM Photo Aug 13, 7 51 08 PM Photo Aug 13, 7 50 43 PMPhoto Aug 13, 7 10 38 PM

Synopses by Gretchen Marcelino and Jamie Chin

Photo by Gretchen Marcelino

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