Touro ASHP-SSHP Partners with NYCSHP to Prepare Pharmacy Students for Interviews

On March 8, 2016, NYCSHP members volunteered to participate at Touro’s ASHP-SSHP Mock Interview Program at Touro College of Pharmacy to provide students an opportunity to practice their interviewing skills. One of the best ways to prepare for an internship or post-graduate training is to participate in a mock interview. We know it’s never too early to start exploring and reviewing career options for pharmacy students. The preparation of our students started in the Fall of 2015 where a presentation on Interviewing Skills was given by Dr. Mary Choy, Associate Professor at Touro College of Pharmacy, Faculty Advisor to ASHP-SSHP.
2. Dr. Jandovitz and Terry Nguyen leading the small group interview sessionPrior to the Mock Interview Program, participants were emailed a copy of Dr. Choy’s presentation slides, along with sample interview questions. During the mock interview session, students were placed in small groups with a group leader. The group leaders would ask students the interview questions and provide immediate feedback on the answers. There were over 30 attendees.  After the event, participants relayed that they were nervous, but that this event provided a great way for them to build and improve their interviewing skills. We have found that collaborating between pharmacy organizations and colleges of pharmacy create positive opportunities in preparing students to improve their interviewing skills.3. ASHP-SSHP Officers with Group LeadersWe would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Mary Choy (ASHP-SSHP Faculty Advisor, Past President of NYCSHP) and Dr. Karen Berger (NYCSHP Director-at-Large) for coordinating this event. Group leaders included Dr. Demetra Tsapepas, Dr. Nicholas Jandovitz, Dr. Sara Hammad, and Dr. Winnie Wong. The P4 students (Class of 2016) who also assisted with the interviews were Philip Armendi, Kristle Farquharson, Peter Hoang, Emil Joseph, Katherine Joseph, and Terry Nguyen.
1. ASHP-SSHP Partnership with NYCSHP

Article and Photos by Gretchen Marcelino

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