May Board of Directors Meeting

May’s BOD took place in Mount Sinai Roosevelt, Conference Room B. Members gathered together to catch up and to network with new members.
1President, Dr. Yi Guo, began the meeting and asked each member to introduce themselves. After introductions, she thanked everyone for a great year and proceeded with the meeting by asking elected board members to submit their annual committee summaries by May 20th. She discussed highlights from Annual Assembly and announced that the technician survey will be sent this month. She would like to promote more pharmacy technicians to become members.
7President-elect, Dr. Jason Babby, announced the upcoming networking and continuing education events in May: May 12th’s Networking event, May 18th’s Royals Collaborative Networking event, May 24th’s CE event, and May 26th’s CE event.

Immediate Past President, Dr. Amisha Arya-Leimbach announced the results for NYC’s chapter awards and gave a report on the resolutions submitted and received by the state. She had discovered unused funds and was able to recover the amount with the help of treasurer, Dr. Marie Dimicco!
8Secretary, Dr. Michele Kaufman, gave her secretary report and announced that this is her final BOD as secretary. Treasurer, Dr. Marie Dimicco, gave her treasurer and Community Outreach Committee report for the year and plans for the fall.

Director at Large, Dr. Charrai Byrd, announced his Constitution and Bylaws report. He promoted the AIDS walk on May 15th and encouraged members to contribute. He discussed the special 3 hour CE program is this weekend, on Saturday morning, at Mount Sinai Hospital, which had reached full capacity.

Director at Large, Dr. Karen Berger, gave her Legislative Affairs report. She encouraged pharmacists and student pharmacists to speak about their personal experiences and speak on behalf of the profession. Pressing issues to discuss include pharmacist provider status and technician registration. She would like to plan events specific for technicians to engage them to join and participate in NYCSHP; these events would be in addition to inviting technicians to networking and CE events. Dr. Berger’s Flag Football update is that MedHeads (Team NYCSHP) has made it into the playoffs!!

Director at Large, Dr. Zane Last, announced that the Instillation Dinner is on Friday June 24th at the New Yorker. He is planning to have 15 vendors and has sent out the invite to all members. He is also planning to coordinate another collaborative NYSCHP summer hike with modifications from last year’s hike.

Dr. Sasha Libman gave the bulletin report announcing that the spring bulletin will be published soon. The Bulletin team is accepting new submissions of articles and photos for the summer bulletin, especially a legislative piece.

President, Dr. Yi Guo, gave the grant writing committee report and thanked Evangelina Berrios-colon and Kanika Ballani for their great work this year.

Social Media Coordinator, Dr. Elsie Wong, gave her report about posting on the website and encouraging members to share photos and articles. She thanked the team for their great collaborative work this year.

Team Historian, Dr. Jamie Chin, Gretchen Marcelino, Peter Hoang, and Sharmin Amjad announced that they are recruiting members to join the new team historian. They welcome referrals for pharmacists, technicians, student pharmacists, and pharmacy residents to join team historian!

Resident’s Collaborative co-chair, Dr. Jamie Chin announced this Tuesday’s networking event with Bristol Meyer Squibb at Ichi Umi. Drs. Loriel Solodokin and Jamie Chin are accepting input on their Residency Survival Guide. They are planning a final networking event in June with Pfizer. Residents’ Collaborative is also searching for new co-chairs and are open to referrals!

NYSCHP President and liaison, Dr. Joe Pinto, gave an update from the state association announcing the new chapters in Binghamton and Potsdam. He encouraged every member to promote what health-system pharmacists do and what expansion of the profession.
Calendar of Chapter Events:
May 7th – Special Project CE event
May 10th – Residents’ Collaborative Networking Event
May 12th – Networking event
May 15 – AIDS Walk
May 18 – Network Collaborative event with Royals County
May 24 – CE
May 26 – CE
June 15 – Residents’ Collaborative Networking Event
June 24 – Installation Dinner

Article and photos by Jamie Chin

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