August BOD: Pass the Gavel

NYCSHP’s August Board of Directors meeting kicked off the new annual year for NYCSHP’s board of directors, committees, and members to new continuing education and networking events, community outreach projects, policy and advocacy, and workshops for pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy technicians!
President, Dr. Jason Babby, welcomed members and introduced himself. He had each of the members introduce themselves and where they work. He then presented his goals for the year with the theme, “Pharmacy Without Borders”. President Babby plans to promote public health initiative and community outreach service as well as further develop programs for student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. President Babby is challenging members to a NYSCHP logo contest. Submissions should be sent as a powerpoint slide by November 30th. President Babby also announced the upcoming events and programs.

The following board of directors and committee chairs introduced themselves and gave their respective chair report:
President-Elect, Dr. Karen Berger;
Immediate Past-President, Dr. Yi Guo;
Secretary, Dr. Charrai Byrd;
Treasurer, Dr. Marie DiMicco;
Directors at Large, Drs. Nikki Bhogal; Maabo Kludze-Forson; Zane Last;
Bulletin Editors Drs. Alla Khytin, Sasha Libman, Maabo Kludze-Forson;
Grant Writing Committee, Dr. Evangelina Berrios-Colon;
Community Outreach, Dr. George Bugayenko;
Mentoring Program, Drs. Amber Johnson, Vickie Powell;
Global Health Initiative, Dr. Kanika Ballani;
New Practitioner Committee, Drs. Harshal Shukla, Pavel Goriacko;
Social Media Coordinator, Dr. Elsie Wong;
Historian, Dr. Johnny Hon;
NYSCHP Liaisons, Drs. Joe Pinto, Monica Mehta, Leila Tibi-Scherl

Synopsis by Jamie Chin and Johnny Hon

Edited by Elsie Wong

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