September Networking Event

NYCSHP held its September networking event in Scaletta Ristorante located in the Upper West Side, Manhattan, sponsored by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. The speaker for the program, Edward Li, Pharm.D., MPH, BCOP is currently an Associate Professor at the University of New England College of Pharmacy in Portland, ME. Dr. Li is also affiliated with the New England Cancer Specialists in Scarborough, ME.
Dr. Li spoke on the topic of Biosimilars: An Overview for Health Care Professionals, where he discussed the increased demand for biologic development, guidelines for the approval of biosimilars, and the complex processes involved with manufacturing. Dr. Li also discussed the potential impact of biosimilars in the United States and the multiple benefits it may provide to the healthcare system. President Dr. Jason Babby concluded the program with closing remarks.

dsc00646Article by Adam Chin, Pharm.D. Candidate
Edited by Johnny Hon and Jason Babby
Photos by Johnny Hon and Adam Chin

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