NYCSHP Medical Volunteering at the 2016 New York City Marathon

In what is one of the most iconic and anticipated races of the year, NYCSHP came together as a team to provide medical volunteering assistance at the 2016 New York City Marathon! As licensed medical professionals, NYCSHP pharmacists provided medical assistance to over 50,000 runners over the course of the grand 26-mile event. In order to meet the medical needs of runners at all stages of the marathon, members were strategically placed at medical aid stations along the course and at the finish line. It was a major asset to have NYCSHP pharmacists nearby and on-hand to assist at all times!



Among the many important services provided by members during the marathon included medication distribution, consultations, and medical care coordination with other healthcare professionals. NYCSHP pharmacists took the lead as medication experts and contributed to the safety and well-being of weary marathon runners. Their vital efforts helped 51,000+ runners cross the finish line in what was a record number of finishers for the largest marathon in the world.



NYCSHP pharmacists had great time volunteering and meeting new people from all corners of the world. In addition, members gained valuable experience with event medicine and took pride in giving back to the community. Thank you to all volunteers for coming out and making a such a positive impact!










Article Written and Posted by:  Johnny J. Hon

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