NYCSHP Active Shooter Training

Due to local recent events, NYCSHP hosted an active shooter training session at the Hospital for Special Surgery. The training session provided members and nonmembers with a history of shooting occurrences, survival strategies, and prevention techniques.
President, Dr. Karen Berger, welcomed everyone to an important and informative training session.
3She began the evening by inviting NYSCHP Vice President of Public Policy, Dr. Andrew Kaplan, to provide a legislative update.
5Dr. Kaplan provided a history about pharmacy technician registration and certification, a lethal medication error by a pharmacy technician and pharmacist that led to Emily’s Law, and the challenges New York is facing to advance the pharmacy technician registration and certification bill.
Next, President Berger introduced FBI Special Agent Jin Kim, a 20-year veteran of the FBI’s New York Division and an expert in active shooter survival. Agent Kim is the Active Shooter Coordinator on the Crisis Management Team and as part of the FBI’s Police Training Program, he is the Director for the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) school, the Presidential Security Detail/Executive Protection Counter Assault Team (CAT) School and the Observer/Sniper School.

Special Agent Jin Kim stressed the goal of self-awareness and finding areas within your work environment for you and others to stay safe as well as paths to escape. In an event of a threat, maximizing your time and distance away from the shooter is most important, whether that is barricading windows and doors if a shooter is in sight or finding an escape route when the shooter is known to be distant.

After an informative session, Special Agent Jin Kim thanked President, Dr. Karen Berger, for inviting him to come speak with us to raise awareness and safety for the community. He encouraged us to spread the word and have us and loved ones become more aware of the work and study places we may be where an active shooting event may occur.
7Article Written by Ayan Roychowdhury and Jamie Chin
Edited by Karen Berger
Photos by Jamie Chin


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