NYCSHP’s Autumn Director and Clinical Roundtable


2President, Dr. Karen Berger, welcomed everyone and introduced the evening’s facilitators, Drs. Frank Sosnowski, Mark Sinnett, Yi Guo, Corey Witenko, and Jamie Chin. President Berger discussed what NYCSHP is, to those who may not be familiar with the organization, her goals as president, and upcoming events scheduled throughout the year. She also provided a legislative update from ASHP Policy Week and Lobby Day.


5Past president and moderator, Dr. Yi Guo gave an overview of the evening and displayed the most popular topics voted per the registration survey that attendees submitted.


7The roundtable began with four topics that were relevant to all pharmacists. Drs. Mark Sinnett and Frank Sosnowski facilitated transitions of care, collaborative practice agreements, and cost savings/quality improvement discussions.




11Audience participation for roundtable discussion.

12Next, the attendees divided into either the director roundtable or the clinical roundtable to focus on more specific topics of interests.

13Drs. Mark Sinnett and Frank Sosnowski facilitated cost savings, Joint Commission, updates in technology, and controlled substance diversion. Drs. Corey Witenko, Yi Guo, and Jamie Chin facilitated cost savings, drug shortages, pharmacist driven dosing protocols, and quality improvement projects.14
15President Berger wrapped up the evening with closing remarks, thanked everyone for attending and contributing, and encouraged future attendance at NYCSHP events.
16Synopses by Jamie Chin
Photos by Cyril Collantes, Andrew Kaplan, and Jamie Chin
Edited by Karen Berger, Yi Guo, and Corey Witenko

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