NYCSHP featured at the 2017 NYC Marathon

The New York City Marathon hosted over 50,000 runners from all over the world. Team
NYCSHP consisted of pharmacists who volunteered with the medical team in various medical tents throughout the marathon’s course.1Medical volunteers of different professional backgrounds joined forces, including, but not limited to pharmacist, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, podiatrist, psychiatrists, and students/trainees from each of the respective health professions.
4Medical volunteering roles ranged from triaging runners for the acuity of their medical issue, interviewing and performing a physical exam on runners, working in inter-professional teams to care for unwell or injured runners, managing and dispensing medications and supplies, and prepping food and water to help revive runners.

Our team was very excited to cheer on and greet our own NYCSHP members runners at the finish line!
15Frank Sosnowski completed his 28th NYC Marathon along side his daughter!

10Elsie Wong completed this year’s marathon with her team of family and friends!


13Congratulations to Frank, Elsie, and all of the 2017 NYC Marathon runners! We are so proud of you and really enjoyed volunteering! Cheers to volunteering again as a team next year!

Synopses by Jamie Chin
Photos by Jamie Chin, Johnny Hon, Zane Last, Elsie Wong, Frank Sosnowski, and Karen Berger

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