Touro/NYCSHP Letter Writing Campaign

Touro College of Pharmacy organizations, ASHP-SSHP and PSSNY, welcomed NYCSHP President, Karen Berger, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP to lead their Letter Writing Campaign.
Dr. Karen Berger and members of NYCSHP Grassroots Advocacy Committee, Dr. Maabo Kludze and Dr. Norberto Alberto, educated TCOP students about the Pharmacy Technician Legislation, CDTM bill, and legislation to expand the number of immunizations that pharmacists can provide along with allowing pharmacy interns to immunize.
Dr. Alberto spoke about the importance of these bills and how they can impact the pharmacy profession and patient safety. Following this discussion, TCOP students where guided to search their local assembly members and write a personalized letter regarding these pressing issues.
Student pharmacists attendees were excited to write to their legislators. Thank you to Drs. Berger, Kludze, and Alberto who made this event a success!
Article and photos by:
Virleny Garcia: ASHP-SSHP Touro Student Chapter President-Elect
Tinnie Liao-Ng Yan: PSSNY Touro Student Chapter President

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