Grassroots Advocacy Program at St. John’s University

1St. John’s University College of Pharmacy organizations, ASHP-SSHP, S-PSSNY, and APhA-ASP were honored to have NYCSHP President, Dr. Karen Berger and NYSCHP VP of Public Policy, Dr. Andrew Kaplan speak at Pharmacy Advocacy Night with PSSNY Chairman of the Board, Russel Gellis and PSSNY Lobbyist, John Emrick.
They spoke about bills of importance, the budget and legislative process, effective ways to write letters and speak to legislators, and how to make a difference at Pharmacy Lobby Day. The students were excited to learn about the impact leaders of NYSCHP and PSSNY have made…not to mention the power the students have themselves to make a change!
Thank you Dr. Berger, Dr. Kaplan, Mr. Gellis, and Mr. Emrick for making this event a huge success and inspiring students to become more involved in advocating for pharmacy!
Article and photos by:
Shireen Farzadeh: St. John’s University College of Pharmacy P3 Class Representative,
ASHP-SSHP Social Media Chair, APhA-ASP Patient Care Project Vice President

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