2018 Industry Relations Medication Safety

The Industry Relations Medication Safety program took place at Columbia University’s Bard Hall on September 20th.  An exhibit which included various drug companies took place in the first hour of the programIMG-2448


The topic for discussion was Pediatric Medication SafetyIMG-2449


Members trickled into the presentation room and networked before the presentationIMG-2451






Our current president Dr. Charrai Byrd welcomed all members and made announcements concerning future events andintroduced Director-at-Large Harshal Shukla, the coordinator for this eventIMG-2467


Director-at-Large Harshal Shukla introduced the presenter of this program Jessica Frye, PharmD, BCPPS, Clinical Pharmacy Manager of Pediatrics at The Children’s Hospital at MontefioreIMG-2466


Dr. Frye discussed the importance of vigilance on the part of the pharmacist with regard to pediatric dosing and the consequence when dispensing pediatric medicationsIMG-2473


Writing, Editing and Photos by Dominique Maurice, PharmD


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