Fall Clinical/Directors Roundtable Discussion

The Fall Clinical/ Director’s Roundtable took place on September 13th at the Hospital for Special SurgeryIMG-2265


President Charrai Byrd started the roundtable by making announcements about upcoming eventsIMG-2266


The first topic for discussion touched on internal metrics and what the driving forces behind the scenes of the pharmacy practiceIMG-2280






The next clinical topic was about the future of pharmacyIMG-2271






Members participated in the Q & A portion of the talkIMG-2412





The role of marijuana dispensaries was presented during this topicIMG-2285






Members broke out into 2 separate groups to discuss a number of topicsIMG-2290


Members discussing their experiences with some of the topics for discussion during the roundtableIMG-2291






Closing remarks were made to end off the nightIMG-2297



Another successful roundtable session. Thank you to everyone who participated!IMG-2417


Photos by Jamie Chin, Pharm.D. and Dominique Maurice, Pharm.D.

Writing and Editing by Dominique Maurice, Pharm.D.

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