NYCSHP’s Grassroots Advocacy Committee

NYCSHP’s Grassroots Advocacy Committee has continued our quest to meet with our Assembly Members to provide education and seek support regarding three important pharmacy legislation
1. Pharmacy Technician Registration and Certification [A4611; S5884]
2. Pharmacist Immunization Expansion [A2857; S1043]
3. Pharmacist CDTM Optimization [A10196; S4296]

Below are our members and their respective Legislative Visits
2018-0925 Edward Ra
Eva Paige Morgan PharmD candidate, Shirley Chung, PharmD candidate, Shireen Farzadeh, PharmD candidate, Stacey Thomas, PharmD, Kelly Sessa, PharmD candidate, and Jamie Chin, MS, PharmD, BCOP:
Met with Assembly Member Edward Ra (R – 19th Assembly District)

2018-1023 Brian Curran
Debra Willner, PharmD, Jamie Chin, MS, PharmD, BCOP, and Vicky Liu, PharmD:
Met with Assembly Member Brian Curran (R – 21st Assembly District)

2018-1129 Rebecca Seawright
Lovdeep Kaur, PharmD, Myra Sharabun, PharmD, Karen Berger, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP, Samantha Paone, PharmD, Andrew Smith, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP:
Met with Rebecca Graham, Legislative Counsel for Assembly Member Seawright and Jack Robbins, Assembly Member staff (D – Assembly District 76)
2018-1129 Rebecca Seawright synopsis
As a member of NYCSHP’s Grassroots Advocacy Committee, this too can be you! We will provide you support to identify your Assembly Member and set an appointment to meet with them. You will be paired up with a Grassroots Advocacy mentor and a team to prepare and attend your legislative visit with you. For more information, reach out to Director at Large, Jamie Chin.

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