January 10th Networking Program

Our first sponsored networking program of the year took place at Il Cortile in Chinatown. President-Elect Maabo Kludze made announcements and introduced the speakers for the night. img-5052

NYSCHP Vice President of Public Policy Andrew Kaplan gave us a progress report on where we stand with the role of Pharmacy Technicians and what is being done by the department of health to gain clarity of that role in New York State.img-5017

The topic of discussion was “Understanding Rabies Prevention: Why HRIG Volume Matters”. Our first speaker Peter J. Costa, MPH, MCHES, AVES(Hon) went into detail about what HRIG is and it’s specific purpose.img-5024

Our next speaker, Jerry Siegel, Pharm.D., FASHP gave us a synopsis of how HRIG works and the importance in the administration of the drug.img-5032

Mr. Costa and Dr. Siegel performed a brief Q&A session with the members who had very interesting and thought provoking questions as usual.img-5031

And the networking beginsimg-5050

Many thanks to Kedrion Biopharma for sponsoring this successful networking programimg-5051

Photos by Dr. Jamie Chin & Dr. Dominique Maurice

Editing by Dr. Dominique Maurice

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