Spring 2019 New Practitioners CE Program

The last new practitioner’s CE program of the year took place on May 9th at our beloved Sparks Steakhouse; home to many previous programs. The CE program was led by Cierra Treu PharmD, BCCCP, Clinical Pharmacist Emergency Medicine, New York Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist and the topic was Mighty Metrics: The Power of Numbers”.

Please follow us on Instagram @officialnycshp where you’ll find more photos of this great program and all upcoming events. The installation dinner is drawing near. We had a great time last year and we’ll be doing it again this year. Please register and join us on 06/12/2019 for an unforgettable night.

Photos by Dr. Emily Messing

Editing by Dr. Dominique Maurice

2 responses to “Spring 2019 New Practitioners CE Program

  1. Hi! I recently joined NYCSHP. How do I sign up for these CE events and upcoming instant dinner? Thank you, Jihyun

    • Hi! Thanks for joining! Usually the list of new members updates at the beginning of each month so you should be getting emails for the monthly events starting next month.

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