Special Projects

Special Projects are another type of educational programs offered to the membership by the society.  These are generally multiple ACPE accredited programs held outside of the usual monthly membership meetings.  These programs can be on weekends or weekdays, daytime or evening, full days or half days.  They provide additional avenues for to obtain funding from pharmaceutical companies.

  • Develop the budgeted number of special projects and other event utilizing the approved society’s
  • Guidelines for Special Projects.
  • Coordinate with sponsors the programs, including
  • Speakers and topics
  • Site locations
  • Mailing
  • Obtaining ACPE continuing education credits.
  • Coordinate registration and other needs with the other chairmen of the NYCSHP.
  • Maintain list of Sponsors.  Recognize sponsors in program mailing,, at program and in Dinner Dance program.
  • Develop a budget for this committee.
  • Prepare an annual report for the May meeting
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