Shireen Farzadeh
Director-at-Large | Advocacy, Student Relations, Pharmacy Technicians, Bulletin

Tamara Hernandez
PharmD, MBA
Advocacy Co-Chair

Jessica Zebracki
Advocacy Co-Chair

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Advocacy Committee

The responsibilities of the Advocacy Committee include the following:

• Coordinate and track local legislative visits with members to local assembly member and state senator offices
• Coordinate local legislative activities for the Annual Pharmacy day in Albany, such as Advocacy Day at local schools of pharmacy
• Join the State Council’s Advocacy Committee to learn about new and updates to legislation on a local state and national level
• Provide information on new regulations or issues to the Board of Directors and the membership
through the Bulletin or monthly meetings
• Maintain a liaison with the Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs of the State Council
• Maintain a liaison with local elected officials
• Represent the chapter on the Council’s legislative committee
• Develop continuing educational programming for the chapter to learn more about grassroots advocacy efforts and progress
• Prepare a report of the May meeting

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