January 2022

NNYCSHP Industry Relations & Digital Solutions Chair 2021 – 2022
Manager, Global Medical Information

  • So Yi received her Doctorate of Pharmacy at St. John’s University. She joined Abbvie/Allergan immediately post graduation.
  • So Yi currently works for AbbVie/Allergan as the manager for Global Medical Information. She is in charge of managing various therapeutic products from Allergan such as eye care, GI/GU, and Allergan Aesthetics (botox, fillers, implants, body contouring, etc). With the two companies merging, she also covers AbbVie’s extensive line focused on immunology and oncology.
  • Her typical day consists of handling cases/inquiries escalated to her from healthcare professionals or patients. She mostly manages the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, but also assists with Asia Pacific and Canada regions. She is very versed with all the different regulatory systems and nuances globally. She attends meetings throughout the day which involves collaborations with different functional groups/teams to work on different projects such as improving their system, resolving workflow processes, etc. Her passion for teamwork, collaboration, and leadership is what drew her into industry pharmacy. She loves that she can still make an impact on a larger scale providing assistance to providers and patients globally and be able to work from the source of where pharmaceutical products come from.
  • The most memorable moment for So Yi was when she was an APPE student on a medical mission rotation in Guatemala. She was given the opportunity to work alongside with MDs and PAs to see patients 1:1, diagnose and prescribe treatment following guidelines. She had to figure out what had to be done to work around caveats, such as lack of testing/blood work, and make sure to thoroughly counsel her patients on how to taper or titrate their medications based on their response as the next potential follow-up would be in 6 months. It was a life changing experience in which she was entrusted to be a healthcare provider–as a student!
  • A legislative initiative that So Yi would like to see implemented permanently is the collaborative drug therapy management (CDTM).

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