March 2023

NYCSHP Student Liaison 2022 – 2023
St. John’s University PharmD Candidate 2023

What pharmacy school do you currently attend and where are you currently working?

I am a student at St. John’s University and expected to graduate this year in May 2023! Currently, I’m a pharmacy intern at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

How did you find out about NYCSHP and why did you decide to join?

During last year’s NYSCHP Oncology Symposium, I had the opportunity to connect with other pharmacists and learn about their involvement with NYCSHP. All the pharmacists were so passionate and this motivated me to want to become involved! I also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of pharmacy advancements and advocacy.

What are your career goals and how has joining NYCSHP helped you with those goals?

My career goals include pursuing a post-graduate residency training and becoming a pediatric clinical pharmacist. Through NYCSHP, I have met many truly amazing and empowering pharmacists and this inspired me to want to do so much more for the profession. I have gained a lot of valuable advice and guidance and am truly grateful to be a part of NYCSHP!

What’s a memorable or defining moment for you as a pharmacy student?

The most memorable moment for me as a pharmacy student is being on APPE rotations and interacting with clinical pharmacists as they make recommendations to the team. It’s amazing what pharmacists can do for patients!

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