So Yi Lam
Director-at-Large | Membership, Installation, New Practitioners, Preceptor Development

Brynna Crovetto
PharmD, BCPS
Membership Chair

Meet the…

Membership Committee

The responsibilities of the Membership Committee include the following:

• Register and greet attendees at the monthly meetings.
• Develop and implement a coordinated membership recruitment and retention program for the society.
• Maintain a current listing of members provided by the NYSCHP office.
• Coordinate an annual membership drive
• Prepare a report for the May meeting.
• Maintain liaison with the colleges of pharmacy and encourage students to join the society to engage in committees.

Also, click below to learn more about the NYCSHP Wings for the Future program—an initiative created by the 2022 – 2023 Membership Committee, spearheaded by Eddie Hom, Membership Chair of 2022-2023.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us: