Wellbeing & Resilience

Terrence McSweeney
Wellbeing & Resilience Co-Chair

Rizwan Atiq
Wellbeing & Resilience Co-Chair

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Wellbeing & Resilience Committee

The responsibilities of the Wellbeing & Resilience Committee include the following:

• Create and distribute a survey to the Society to gauge well-being and burnout
• Offer a continuing education accredited presentation surrounding well-being and prevention/treatment of burnout
• Create interactive activities with the Society to promote well-being and teach various strategies to cope with burnout
→ This may include, but is not limited to, meditation and yoga sessions
• Develop a multi-disciplinary podcast around the topics of well-being and burnout
• Overall serve as a resource for the Society on well-being and burnout

Interested in getting involved? Contact us: officialNYCSHP@gmail.com