So Yi Lam
Director-at-Large | Membership, Installation, New Practitioners, Preceptor Development

Sara Farghaly
Installation Co-Chair

Anna Diyamandoglu
Installation Co-Chair

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Installation Committee

The Installation Dinner Program is the “final” event in the NYCSHP year.  This is when the officers are installed and the gavel is passed to the incoming president. Each Installation Dinner Program is unique in theme, location, and format.

The responsibilities of the Installations Committee include the following:


• Establish target dates for specific steps
• Site selection and date of affair should be determined as early as a year in advance
• Contracts should be reviewed by the Board of Directors prior to signing
• Contracts for the site, band/entertainment should be prepared for signature by the President


• Develop a balanced budget for this committee
• This budget includes:
→ Income from tickets, journal ads and boosters
→ Expenses from site, printer, band, florist
• All checks should be made payable to the NYCSHP and processed by the Installation Program Chairs and the Treasurer

Invitations/Information to membership:

• Information regarding Installation Dinner Program should be given to the Bulletin Editor
• Invitations are sent out to the members in advance
• Committee will coordinate ticket sales
• Installation Chairs should coordinate with the President a request for a New York State Council Board Officer (preferably the President) to attend and install incoming City Society officers


• Complimentary tickets have been given to:
→ Board of Directors and their guests
→ Installation Committee members
→ Award recipients and their guests (Award of Merit/Neham Award, Student Awards)
→ NY State Council officials and guests


• Program/journal is developed for the Installation Dinner Program
• Letters are sent to pharmaceutical companies requesting program/journal advertisement
• Second and final requests are generally necessary
• Program/journal includes:
→ Message from the current President and the President-elect with pictures
→ Information regarding the award recipients with pictures
→ Outline of evening’s activities
→ Acknowledgement of sponsors during the year
→ Advertisements if applicable
• Coordinate the printing of the program for the Installation Dinner Program

On-site activities:

• Table seating arrangements
• Coordinate Installation Dinner Program with President and Chairman of the Awards Committee

Post-Installation Dinner Program:

• Prepare a final report to include all expenses and income and any other pertinent information
• Send thank you letters for all financial support to journal advertisers/boosters and all Installation Committee members within one month of the event

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